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GBA4iOS Emulator Installation On iPhone/Pad iOS 13 & Earlier

Are you a fan of classic arcade games and want to play them on your iPhone or iPad? Gameboy Advance Emulator for iOS gives you that ability. I promise this will be the best guide on how to install GBA4iOS emulator on iPhone and iPad iOS 13 and Earlier versions to play those nostalgic games.

Not only that, but at the end of this guide, we will also tell you where you can get some popular games ROMs like Pokemon, Mario, etc. to kill your boredom during this Covid 19 Lockdown.

Let me guess; you are someone who loves to play games or gaming gives you a kick to start or end your day. Playing arcade games on the iPhone or iPad is a real difficulty, but there are some best iPhone emulators that you can use on your iDevice to play those classic arcade games.

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If you are missing those Gameboy games and they are nostalgic to you, then the GBA4iOS Emulator is just for you. It can bring those nostalgiac days back and can make them a reality by allowing you to play those games on your iPhone and iPad.Play mario on gba4ios iphone ios 13

You can re-experience those days of retro gaming on your iPhones by just installing GBA4iOS on your iDevice. That’s just what you need to do, nothing else. Not to mention internet connection is required for the Gameboy Emulator to work.

In just a matter of minutes, your iPhone/iPad will transform into a portable Game Boy Advance console with the help of GBA4iOS Emulator and can satisfy the hunger of playing classic games on your own iPhone.

Now let’s talk about GBA4iOS Emulator Installation in detail with all the necessary information regarding it.

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What is GBA4iOS Emulator For iPhone?

This Emulator enables you to play all of the exciting games of the console (Nintendo or Gameboy Advanced).

If you are a fan of retro games like Mario, Contra, Pokemon, Dragonball Z, and many more, then this is the only iOS Game Emulator you need. The features it includes are pure love for game lovers, and it allows you to play games on the iPhone portrait as well as in landscape mode.

It is among one of the most popular and trusted emulators present for playing retro games on the iPhone and iPad. The advantage it provides as compared to other emulators are plenty, and some of the top features of this Emulator are mentioned here.

You can play multiplayer games and add other players in many ways, like using your local WiFi (Intranet), Bluetooth, etc.

GBA4ios Features & Requirements

  • Event Distribution
  • Save States
  • Dropbox Support
  • Wireless Linking support
  • Fast ForwardURL Schemes Support
  • Cheat Codes
  • Full iPhone & iPad support
  • Software Updates
  • AirPlay Support
  • Updated icon logo
  • In-App Browser
  • Brand new GBA and GBC skins
  • Custom Controller Skins
  • Sustain Button
  • Controller Vibration
  • iOS 7 External Controllers Support
  • GB & GBC Support

There is no minimum requirement for the GBA Emulator and can be installed on iPhone running iOS 13 or earlier.

Above are some of the best GBA4 features it provides to the users for better gaming experience and a simple user interface.

Tip- All the players should be connected to the same WiFI while playing multiplayer games through WiFi mode.

How To Install GBA4iOS Emulator on iPhone – iOS13 & earlier

First thing first, for your information, the GBA4iOS Emulator is not available on the official AppStore of Apple, so you need to visit a third-party website to download Gameboy emulator on your device.

Let’s get to the steps to download GBA4iOS from the AppValley installer. It is entirely free to download and here are the steps-

  • First, visit the AppValley website and click on the Install AppValley button.

Appvalley installer GBA4iOS downoad

  • On the next page, click on Config Profile Link 1; they also have detailed instructions on downloading and installing the Apvalley iOS app. So do read that.
  • After downloading it, you need to go on to the home screen and tap to launch it.

Tap AppValley App on iPhone Home Screen

  • Go to the Search section and type GBA4iOS Emulator there, tap the GET button.

Search GBA4iOS Emulator Appvalley

  • Now press on the Install button.

Tap Get To Install AppValley App

  • The GBA4iOS Emulator downloading will start.
  • After downloading, you can enjoy your games on your iOS device.

You can download and install GBA4iOS Emulator from the AppValley app, but there are other sites also,  like the or and many other sites, the choice is yours.

PRO Tip: Once you download the GBA4 app, it’s better to scan it using VirusTotal just to make sure it does not comes with malware that can harm your fone. By the way, AppValley is good to go. Do not worry; I too use the GBA Emulator on my iPhone without any issues, yes I love playing Classic Mario. But I am always cautious when installing any 3rd party apps.

Note: In some of the cases, you may get a GBA4iOS untrusted app error after downloading the Emulator. To fix this error, you just need to follow the instructions mentiontioned in the next section.

Removing The GameBoyAdvanced4iOS Untrusted Developer Error In iPhone and iPad

You followed all the correct steps for GBA4iOS Emulator Installation on your iPhone, and even after that, get an Untrusted Enterprise Developer error or Unable To Verify App Error!

Well, no worries, there is a method to sort this out, but what do you need to do? That’s what we will be covering next, continue reading.

You will receive an error stating that the developer is untrusted on your iPhone because it is not an official Apple App. As it is a third-party app, so your device does not validate it.

Below are the steps by which you can sort out this and continue to play your favorite classic games:

  • At first, when you receive the error, kindly note down the name of the developer from there.

iPhone Untrusted Enterprise Developer Error

  • Navigate To Settings  > General Settings > Profile & Device Management

Trust Untrusted Enterprise Developer iPhone Device Management

  • Tap on the Enterprise App Developer – China VDI(Beijing) technology
  • Now Tap again on the same developer.
  • Tap on Trust, now the developer is a trusted developer, and you can now launch the GBA App on iPhone.

That’s it, no more hurdles; now you can simply run the Emulator on your device and enjoy the Games!! The GBA4iOS developer not trusted error is gone.

But you need to have game ROMs to play the games you want. As I said, this will be the best GBA Emulator guide; I have also included how to download GBA ROMs and where to find them.

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How To Download Games On GBA4iOS?

If you don’t know how to download GBA4iOS ROMs, then this part is just for you.

There are many ROMs available on the GBA4iOS iPhone Emulator to satisfy your hunger and zeel of playing as many retro games as possible, but the demand never settles.

Seeing this the makers have included some ROMS in the Emulator itself and some of them are also present in its store so you can download many other ROMS on the very same Emulator by following these steps-

  • Tap to launch GBA4iOS Emulator in your device.
  • There is a Search icon on the top left, tap it.
  • Choose any one game from the list and the version of the game.

Download GBA4iOS Game Roms

  • After selecting the game, start the download.
  • After downloading you can enjoy the game by using GBA4iOS Emulator on iPhone and iPad both

There are various popular games for GBA4iOS emulator available and these can also be downloaded on your device. Some of the popular ROMS available are-

Pokemon Zelda GBA4iOS ROMS Download

Some Popular Games for GBA4iOS:

  • Pokemon-Leaf Green Version
  • Super Mario (My Favorite)
  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Grand Theft Auto Advance
  • Naruto
  • Mario Gulf Advance
  • Pokemon -Pixar
  • Zelda DX

These can be downloaded from the Emulator itself by going in the search and seeing the list of available ROMS there, but many ROMS are not available on the GBA4iOS Emulator.

To sort out this problem you can visit many other sites that provide these ROMS, just search for GBA4iOS ROMS Download (Click Here to search) in the Google search and you will find many sites offering free GBA ROMS to download. Select the website that has a good number of Reviews and good comments.

Here is the Reddit thread where a user asked and got some useful answers: What’s a good site you guys use for ROMs?

My favorite go-to resource to download game ROMS is https://emuparadise. me. It is one of the safe places to download GC and GBA ROMS.

TipGoogle comes as an ultimate savior here as there are many games that are not available on the GBA4iOS Emulator. Currently, only 11 ROMS are available at the time of writing this article. And if you are searching or in a quest to download more Gameboy ROMS. You can download them by doing a quick search on Google.

GBA4iOS Cheats

Let me warn you here if you use cheat codes to play games, then you will not enjoy it and will not feel that thrill of playing games without any hacks. Gameboy Cheats and Hacks are widely used by players, but this is not a good practice for a gamer.

I will suggest you not look for cheats for Pokemon, Mario, or whatever Gameboy Advanced games you play. Just be real and show some real skills. If you agree with what I said, drop me a comment below.

How Safe is the GBA4iOS Emulator?

Well, as you already know now that it is a third-party app and is not available on the official Apple App Store. Questions like Is GBA4iSO safe fro your iPhone may come in mind concerning the safety of your device and the credibility of the GBA4iOS Emulator. Many of you may feel that your privacy may have some risk after downloading it.Is GameBoy Safe To Install On iPhone

Do not feel tense; you can play those retro games using the Emulator without any hesitation. Regarding your safety and privacy, the GBA4iOS is totally safe and has zero risk factors if downloaded from a trusted source.

The developer of the GBA4iOS Emulator is very credible and is among the safest and believable developers in the field and is working for a long time in this field. You can know more about the developer on his site.

We are not using any iPhone jailbreak technique or any other sort of illegal thing to install GMA4iOS emulator on your iPhone or iPad, which makes it safer for use on your Apple device you own.

As the GBA4iOs Emulator is a third-party app, there are chances that many smaller false positive threats may be present in it, and it may include some risk factors.

So saying that it is totally safe or a hundred percent safe from any danger or risk to your privacy is not completely true in all senses. So you must keep these things in your mind while downloading it, and you are responsible for any mishappening to your device or data.

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Wrapping up

5/5 - (1 vote)

Game lovers are everywhere, and those who own an iPhone or iPad find it hard to play classic games on their devices.

But you see, there is always a way out if you look for it. Using the best iPhone Emulator like GBA4iOS, you can enjoy the pleasure of playing those old age arcade games on your handsets and tablets.

We all somewhere have that kid left in us who carves for those arcade games and wants to play them.  The games that we used to play sitting in front of a big TV screen using wired remote are now at our fingertips, on our own iPhone device. Thanks to GBA4iOS Emulator.

I hope this article covered every single detail about GBA4iOS Emulator Installation On iPhone iOS 13 version and earlier. If you appreciate me putting this information for all the Classic Arcade Gamers, please do support this site by sharing this guide on Social Media.

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