How To Clear Cache On Mac

How To Clear Cache On MAC Like A Pro?

Whenever I feel my Mac is not running fast, I clean my Mac. To clean is to delete cache on Mac and clear cookies on Mac. For the same reason, you hear it now and then “how to clear cache on Mac” but what is a cache exactly? And why to clean it?

Cache memory is temporary data stored on your device. This temporary data is a result of system activity or online process on your Mac.  This action is kept as a temporary file. So Afterward, when the system performs the same action it takes less time to do so.

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To summarize, suppose it takes 4 individual steps to do a task. Then, cache memory stores step 1 as a temporary file.  Now, It takes less time to do a task next time.

Meanwhile, we do not necessarily perform many tasks regularly. This creates a junk of cache of step 1 of so many processes that we no longer need to us.

Clearing cache on Mac is beneficial. One it gives you a flawless performance. Second, it extends the life of your Mac. Not to forget, it saves hard disk space for your use.

Although many Mac cleaner apps claim to do it for you, trust none of them. Unless you do it manually, it is impossible to wipe out entire cache memory.

Not clearing Cache regularly can have negative consequences consequently. Having a slow Mac is just a starter thing.

After some time you will have less memory space available for your use. Furthermore, Over a period, you will notice a decrease in performance of apps on your Mac.

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How to Clear cache on Mac?

There are 3 kinds of Cache in Mac.

  1. User cache
  2. System cache
  3. Browser cache

Let us go through the ways to delete different kinds of cache on Mac.

How to Clear user cache on Mac?

These are applications cache on MAC that should be cleared when you experience lag on your MAC.

Please perform the following steps to clear user cache on Mac.

1)Launch Finder, and click on Go.

2)Now, Go to Folder in the menu bar at the top of the screen.

select go to folder

3) Please Type in ~/Library/Caches, then click on Go

type ~/Library/Caches

4)Select all files

5)Click on the wheel symbol Settings icon.

6) Now select Move to trash

select move to trash to clear cache on mac

Hence, now you know steps to clear user cache on Mac. Let us move further to system Cache on Mac.

How to delete System Cache on Mac?

In order to delete system Cache on Mac, you need to follow these steps.

1)Get to Finder and click on GO.

2)Choose Computer from the list.

choose computer3) Now, chooseMacintosh.

choose macintosh

4)Now, choose Library.

click on library

5) Select the caches folder.

click on cache folder

6). Select all the caches file and click on wheel looking settings option.

7). Now, select move to trash.

select move to trash

Surprisingly, Internet browsers can also create a large amount of cache in Mac. So, let us move further to remove Cache from internet Browsers.

How to clear cache on Mac Safari Brower?

Here is, how to clear cache on safari browser in easy steps.

  1. From the top menu, choose Safari.
  2. Now Click Preferences.
  3. Next, Choose the Advanced tab.
  4. Now Enable Show Develop menu in menu bar.
  5. Now go to Develop in the menu bar.
  6. Please Choose Empty caches.

choose empty caches

As a result, you can clear cache on safari, clear cookies on safari and delete safari history files.

How to clear cache on Mac Chrome Browser?

  1. Click the 3-dot icon in the top right corner of Google Chrome browser.
  2. Now Choose Settings.
  3. From the bottom of the menu, choose Advanced.
  4. Now Click “Clear browsing data.”
  5. Select and Hit “Clear data” button.

choose clear browsing data

How to clear cache in Firefox?

Follow the steps to delete cache in Firefox manually:choose clear now

  1. choose Preferences from the Firefox menu
  2. Now choose Privacy & Security 
  3. Next, clear your recent history
  4. Now, click on  Clear Now.

Evidently, you can easily clear cache on firefox this way.

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Having a premium machine like Mac is bliss in itself. Therefore, it is essential to learn how to keep it up to the mark.  Learning how to clear cache on Mac will help you to do so.

Moreover, Now you know about a lot of valuable information about Mac. Now you know what a cache in Mac? And how to remove them?

Interestingly, Now you also know how to clear cache in Safari, Chrome and Firefox browsers.

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