How To Play Music From iPhone To Car Without Aux
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How To Play Music From iPhone To Car Without Aux

Playing music from iPhone to car is as simple as it sounds. After reading this quick and to the point guide on how to play music from iPhone to car without aux cable, you will know how easy it is to use your car stereo speakers with your iPhone.

Music has become the need of our life. We require it everywhere, even in our cars, while driving to the office or going to a party.

The latest car stereo systems come with all the wireless connectivity you need to pair your iPhone to the car audio box and enjoy those JBL speakers sitting back in your car.

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But what about the old cars with no wireless technology stereo boxes?

There is a massive problem with old car audio boxes as they do not have Aux ports or Bluetooth technology.

If you drive cars manufactured in the early 2000’s you will most likely discover that Bluetooth and Auxiliary input port are not present in your car stereo system.

So how do we listen to music on car speakers with your iPhone device? To every problem there is a solution, let’s make your old car stereo box connected to your iPhone device.

No need to get an aux port installed in your car to enjoy music.

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How To Play Music From iPhone To Car Without Aux Using FM Transmitter?

An FM transmitter allows you to make a Bluetooth connection between your car stereo and your iPhone.

There is no limitation for you to play the music from your iPhone by connecting the FM Transmitter to your car stereo or by directly connecting to your iPhone device.

You can play music from anywhere, like from your Playlist, Spotify, YouTube, Jiosaavan, Pandora, etc.

This connection can be made in two ways:

Method 1: FM transmitter plugged to your car lighter slot.

FM Transmitter For iPhone To Connect To Car

This type of transmitter is wireless and gets power from the cigarette lighter slot installed in your car. The FM transmitter gets the Bluetooth signals from the FM frequency.

Steps to install the FM Transmitter in your car-

  • Plug the FM transmitter in the cigarette lighter slot.

  • Tune the FM Transmitter to an unused FM frequency in your car stereo, for example, 90.1.

Plug the FM Transmitter to Car ciggrette socket

  • Rotate the Frequency select dial to select the same frequency that you set on the car stereo.
  • Tune your car stereo to the same frequency. Now you select the same Frequency as selected on the FM Transmitter (90.1).

Now you are ready to play music on your iPhone, and sound will come out from your car speakers.

Method 2: FM Transmitter plugged directly to your iPhone.

Plug the FM Transmitter in iPhone and set radio frequency

This method is the simplest method as you are using a smaller FM Transmitter. This Small Transmitter will allow your iPhone to transmit music from your car stereo without Bluetooth or Auxiliary port imput.

Steps to connect the Small Transmitter directly to your iPhone –

  • Connect FM transmitter to your iPhone.

  • Set your car radio to the 90.1 frequency or the specified Frequency in the FM transmitter. You will initially hear a static sound because of unused Frequency.

Use iPhone FM Transmitter to connect car speakers to phone without aux

  • Select music on your iPhone that you want to listen to.
  • Plug in your FM transmitter. Make sure the Frequency in your transmitter matches the Frequency in your car radio.

Note: I do not remember last iphone with headphone jack, but just a heads up- FM adapter uses a jack and so your iPhone should have a headphone jack.

That’s it; now you are ready to rock and roll, push that play button.

How To Play Music From iPhone To Car Without Aux Using Single Routing Apps?

Some old cars allow hands-free calls using Bluetooth, but it doesn’t allow you to play music.

Many cars like Mercedes, Toyota, BMW, Ford, Honda allows the driver to make hands-free calls using Bluetooth of your phone.

The loophole is to use an app that makes your car think that you are making a call while you can easily play music of your choice from your iPhone.

Two of my favorite single routing apps are Bluetooth Mono Router and BTmono, available on both Playstore but unfortunately discontinued on the App Store.

But do not worry, I have found a similar Routing app for iOS that you can use to play music in your car. The name of the app is Bluetooth Streamer Pro.

As the mentioned Apps are free to install on your iPhone or on your Android device, you don’t have to spend a single penny. So I think this is the best way to connect the phone to car to listen to your favorite songs.

Steps to connect through Single Routing App –

  • Firstly, Install the single routing app called Bluetooth Streamer Pro in your iPhone device.
‎Bluetooth Streamer Pro
‎Bluetooth Streamer Pro
  • Give all the required permission when prompted.

Here is a video for your reference:

Now, this app will let your device think you are at a call while you can play any music of your choice from your device to car speakers. It will sync iPhone to car so that you can play music.

I already tested this app, and it works without any issues. If you encounter any issues with Bluetooth Streamer Pro, please comment, and I will try to sort that out for you.

Use 30 Pin Apple iPhone or iPod Connector To Play Music On Old Car.

30 pin connector for car stereo and iPhone

If your old car is having iPod 30 Pin connectors, consider yourself lucky. There are Bluetooth adapter for cars that can be plugged into the 30 Pin cable and allow you to connect you though Bluetooth with your iPhone and iPad.

A good example of a 30 Pin interface is the Bovee 100 30 Pin Interface, its one of the best Bluetooth car adapter which can work with iPad, iPod, and iPhone 4, 5,6,7.

This is a great method for playing music from your phone to a car using Bluetooth. This acts as a Bluetooth aux adapter, well, without any cabels.

The sound quality is much better than the FM Transmitter. And the other advantage is that you can access and control your music using steering buttons such as play, pause, next stop, etc.

Steps to install 30 Pin iPhone adapter –

  • Take a 30 pin port adapter (It is a female port 30 pin adapter )
  • Plug your 30 Pin adapter into the charging port on the bottom of your iOS device.

30 Min connector adopter for iphone ipad

  • Now take your car auxiliary iPod or iPhone 30 Pin adapter and plug it in 30 Pin female port.
  • Turn On your iPhone Bluetooth and get paired.

Watch this video for easy understanding:

Now you are tethered with Bluetooth with your car, and you can easily play music from your iPhone whatever you would like to listen to.

Play Music Using ION Bluetooth Cassette Adapter

ion bluetooth cassette adapter

The older cars of the early 2000s have inbuilt cassette players that enable you to play music using cassettes.

The Bluetooth Cassette adapter is a device that builds a Bluetooth connection in your car. When you simply install it in the cassette player, it allows you to connect your iPhone via Bluetooth.

This device allows you to play music from the iPhone at a better quality. One of the examples of Bluetooth Cassette Adapter is the ION Bluetooth cassette adapter.

Steps to install Bluetooth cassette adapter –

  • Take a Bluetooth cassette adapter, say Ion Bluetooth cassette adapter.
  • Insert the cassette adapter in the cassette player of your car stereo.

ion bluetooth cassette adapter to play music from iphone to car

  • Turn On Your iPhone Bluetooth and get paired.

Here is a video for easy reference:

Now you are ready to play songs of your choice from your iPhone device to the car speakers.

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Over To You

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The above methods are enough to play music from iPhone to car without aux cable. The sound quality differs from device to device, so watch the above videos closely and pick the one that you think will have the best sound quality on your car stereo.

The Single routing Apps are also a good pick if you do not want to spend any money, other than that the devices to connect your car stereo box to the iPhone will cost you some money. So choose wisely.

Let me know what you think about the methods I mentioned in this article? I will be more than happy to include any other method if you have one, just let me know in comments.

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  1. Thank you pal, I was aware of the Bluetooth Streamer Pro app but did not about other options that you listed in this article. I am going to give the 30 Pin Apple Connector a try and will update here how it sounds. Thanks again mate.

  2. I was sad that I can’t play my fav songs in my old car through my phone, but thanks to your list of devices we can use to do that. I like the FM transmitter one.

  3. Well, I have an old car without any aux port, I am using ION Bluetooth cassette adapter to play music from my iPhone to car speaker. So par so good, the sound quality is great and i am satisfied with the performance. By the way do you know does iphone 8 have headphone jack? I am asking this because i am looking forward to buy a used iPhone to gift it to my old friend. Stay safe

  4. Ankit Joshi says:

    I like the options you listed to play music in my car through my iPhone. Do you have any discount coupon for the devices above on the Amazon?

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