How To Take A Screenshot On Macbook

How to take a Screenshot on Mac Using Shortcuts & Apps?

Hi, Mac users. Today we are discussing  How to take a Screenshot on Mac. One of the most searched question on Google is How do you take a screenshot on Mac?

The amount of important Web information we consume in our daily life is increasing day by day. Thus, There is a Growing need to preserve all these details.

Details Ranging from Banking, Finance to Personal Health. Or you may want to send a screenshot of an error on your Mac to Apple support to get the issue fixed. And not to forget useful information, you read on a Web page (like this one) you want to save.

Surely, Too much to remember and note down.

Human attention span has never been this short in our History and our memory? Even shorter. Therefore, there must be a way to record this information.

Just imagine a situation where you hand noted a bank Account number for Internet Banking Transaction. Mix up a Single digit can flush your hard earned money in a wrong account.

Hence, Screenshots are important. More important to Know How to take them.


This post is a gift to everyone who wants to know How to take a Screenshot on Mac?

So Fasten your ‘MacBelts’ we are hitting the deep waters right in 3,2,1,…..

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How to take a Screenshot on Mac using Keyboard Shortcuts?

Old school methods never go out of trend. The best Mac screenshot shortcut is to use your keyboard.

You can take Screenshots on Mac using dedicated keyboard shortcuts.

This utility comes with two options. Either you can choose to take Screenshots of the whole Screen or a selected area.

How to Screenshot your Entire Screen using Keyboard Shortcut?

You need to Press SHIFT along with COMMAND key and 3 at the same time.

(COMMAND KEY- The key with the Apple and/or clover-leaf (⌘) symbol (usually next to the space bar. )


take mac entire screen screenshot

Where these Screenshot stored in Mac?

By Default, the location of all your Screenshots is your Desktop.

You can also Screenshot a selected portion of your Screen, as per needed.

How to Screenshot Selected Screen portion using Keyboard shortcuts?

To Screenshot a particular Part of the Screen, follow these steps.

1-Press SHIFT  key along with COMMAND  key and 4 at the same time.

mac selected screen screenshot shortcut

2-So,SHIFT + COMMAND +4 = A Crosshare (crop box ) appears.

Screen Capture Margins

3-NOw, Use this Box to drag and select the part of Screen you want to Screenshot.

4- To choose to move the box to the area you want to start from.

5-To move the selection Hold the SHIFT or  SPACEBAR along with trackpad button.

6-Finally, Release your mouse or trackpad button when you’ve selected the area you want.

7-Mac will save the Screenshot File on the desktop.

8-Use Esc(Escape) key to Cancel the selection.

Did you memorize the shortcuts?

NO, then Read further About using Grab And Preview features of Mac to Screenshot Mac screen.

How to take a Screenshot on Mac using ‘GRAB’?

GRAB is a Screen capturing tool inbuilt in your Mac. It helps to Capture active screens and save them accordingly.

Grab works similarly to Snipper tool in Windows PC.

How to Access ‘GRAB’ on your Mac?

  • Open  Applications on your Mac.
  • Next click on Utilities
  • Then choose GRAB from listed options.

open Grab in mac

Steps to take a Screenshot on Mac using Grab.

  • Open GRAB
  • Then click on Capture, 4th from the top-most menu.

You get three options.

  • Option 1- lets to take a Screenshot of a selected area.
  • Option 2 -lets you take a Screenshot of the window.
  • Option 3-Let’s you take a Screenshot of the entire Screen.

how to take a screenshot on mac using grab

All this on one click.


But what about option 4?

Grab also allows a user to take timed Screenshots. You can pre-time your Screenshots using Grab.

screenshot on mac using grab

This is how to take a screenshot on Mac using GRAB

How to do a MacBook Screenshot using Mac Preview?

Preview is the default App on your Mac that lets you open and views files. From photos to pdf files, you can open any file in Preview. It also allows you to edit these files.

In this case, we are looking for the ability of Preview App to capture Screenshots. In fact, You can  Enjoy Hassle-free one click Screenshots with Preview.

Follow these steps to take a Screenshot using Preview.

  • Open Preview from the finder
  • Next, Click on File.
  • Then, drop down to second last option “Take Screenshots”.
  • There are 3 options available.

how to take a screenshot on mac using grab

Option 1- allows a user to take Screenshot of a selected area.

Other Option 2- allows a user to take a Screenshot of the current window.

Option 3- allows a user to take Screenshot of the entire Screen.

To save your  Screenshot file in Preview.

  1. Click on File from the Top menu
  2. Then click on Save

screenshot on mac using preview

After trying everything, still not able to take Screenshots on your Mac,
then you are qualified to read ‘Why Screenshots not working on Mac‘?

Why are Screenshots not working on Mac?

Some specific Apps and Web pages do not allow to take a Screenshot of their content. Thus anyone can go mary go round on Screenshot failure.

Popular sites like NETFLIX  restricts Screenshots or Screen recording. Similarly there are are other commercial and educational sites don’t allow to take a Screenshot.

So Stop beating the bull for milk…and just try to  NETFLIX and Chill !.

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That’s all folks!

To Conclude, Today we learned about different methods of taking a screenshot mac. Why taking screenshots on mac fail even after trying everything.

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