How To Use iMessage On PC
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How to Use iMessage on PC?

Using iMessage on PC have been a top searched query in among our reader’s. So today we are presenting a detailed step by step guide to using iMessage on PC/Computer /Laptop.

iMessage is a massively cherished chat option among iOS users all over the world and is equally in demand by non-ios devices users as well.

Why so?

iMessage facilitates users with not just features like sharing of Text Messages, Contacts, Documents, Photos, But also premium features like P2P  Money Transfer, Google search in Messages, etc.

All this is in privacy protection of the top-notch security of Apple iOS Encryption. Therefore,  we can conclude it has everything; any Chat Messenger can dream to have.

But sadly all this is available exclusively for iOS Users over iPhone,iPad,iPod, And Mac.

Other reasons why people seek iMessage for PC is when their iMessage not working on Mac or iPhone or iPad.

So the Big question is “Can we have services of iMessage on WINDOWS PC“?

The answer is YES, and the solution is Right here.

Let ‘s drive down to the list of possible solutions.

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How to Use iMessage on PC using Chrome Remote Desktop?

A user can get access to iMessage via Remote Desktop features of Google Chrome Web Browser.
A Remote Desktop Extension lets you connect and access the files of another computer using a security passcode.

Since we already know Mac users have access to iMessages; therefore in this method, we will use iMessage on windows PC making it remotely available from a Mac computer as source.

Requirements:  For this purpose, You need to have a Mac with iMessage and PC with Windows.

Process: Follow these steps to access iMessage on PC.

STEP#1 Download Google Chrome Web Browser on both the computers.

STEP#2.  Now download Chrome Remote Desktop extension on both the devices.(See Screenshot)

chrome remote desktop extension for iMessage on PC
STEP#3 Launch the App after installation process ends.

STEP#4.  Open Mac, download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer just on the Mac computer.

desktop host installer
STEP#5.  Follow the Host Installer on-screen instructions.

STEP#6.  Enter your admin password when asked.

enter admin password on mac

STEP#7.  To start remote access create a pin of 6 digits. e.g.”123456″.

passcode for remote desktop
STEP#8. A “Connection Successful” dialogue box will appear.

installation was successful dialogue box
STEP#9. Next, Get Back to Windows PC,

STEP#10. Open Google Chrome, sign in with same Google id you used to set up the remote desktop chrome on Mac.

STEP#11. Then Open Remote Desktop Extension.

STEP#12.  Then Look for your Mac under my computers.

STEP#13. Double click to establish connection remotely to your Mac

STEP#14. At last, Enter the security pin created earlier, e.g., “123456” on Mac to get started.

passcode for remote access to run imessage on PC

Now you have access to iMesaages on your Windows PC.
However, It requires your Mac to be connected to the internet and same time as you are accessing it remotely on Windows pc.

NOTE: Do not share this code with anyone Because anyone with the code will have access to your Mac and consequently you can compromise your privacy.

How to use iMessage on PC using an iPadian Emulator?

An Emulator is a system that imitates and replicate the functions of an operating system on any other operating system.

So, in this case, specifically, an emulator known as iPadian can help to create a virtual iMessage experience on your Windows PC.

Let’s find out how to get iPadian to run iMessage on your Windows  PC.

How to Install iMessages on Windows PC Using Emulator?


Step #1. Download the iPadian emulator online.

Step #2. Now do install the .exe file on your PC.

Step #3. Click and Run the emulator on PC.

Step #4. Accept the onscreen instructions.

Step #5. After the successful completion of installation process, launch the iPadian software.

Step #6. Now search for “iMessage” in the search bar.

Step #7. Now click to download the iMessages app on your computer.

Finally, Now you can experience the charismatic experience of iMessage on your Windows PC.

NOTE: If you experience your iMessage not working, iMessage not delivered to other people,iMessage waiting for activation or any other iMessage activation error, feel free contact ikeema team for expert opinion.

iMessage online

iMessage is not available as an online platform at present. Hence, User can have its access only to an iOS device or a PC via our two possible solutions provided above.

Web platform for messaging Apps such as Whatsapp is already available. We hope for a Web-based iMessage user experience shortly in future.

iMessage for Android

iMessage for Android looks like another fantasy desire among mobile users. But as for now, iMessage facility is not available on play store.

There are plenty of fake Apps claiming to provide iMessage service, but these are fake. For this reason, one should stay away from them.

We hope in coming years Apple make it available as a cross-platform messaging app likewise Blackberry did it with its BBM messenger in 2013.

For now, Apple wants to limit its exclusivity to iOS devices.

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To Conclude

This new post is guiding us about how to use iMessage app on PC. We discussed two effective methods to access iMessages for PC.

The ikeema family believes in providing real-time solutions for iOS users to make their iOS experience more convenient and more memorable.

To support our cause share this article, boost it on your social media accounts to help other people.

Our motto is ‘Curiosity is something to be shared and not to be caged.‘
So Comment below for any other query you have, or you want to discuss.

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