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iCloud Photo Sharing: How to Enable and Disable it?

Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, and Mac come with lots of premium features. There is still a hidden gem which is still not known to users. This gem is iCloud Photo sharing option.

This sharing option enables the user to share photos and videos from iCloud itself. You can share with your family, friends, colleagues, etc. This can be done on  Apple products such as iPhone, iPad, Mac, Apple TV.

In this article, we will tell how to enable and disable this service on above devices. And as a bonus, we will guide you about how to run the iCloud photo share on Windows PC.

The photo sharing is as easy as sharing it on Facebook or any social networking site.

There are few major advantages of using this service.

  • It does not take space in the iCloud library.
  • Second, it does not count on your iCloud storage.
  • Third, it is highly secure.
  • Fourth, You do not need to install third party apps like ShareIt or Xender just to share photos.
  • Last and most amazing, you can create your iCloud.com Website to upload and share photos.

Sounds great and works like a charm. So if you haven’t started using this service on your device then its time to start it. Interestingly, This post is all dedicated to iCloud photo sharing option in detail.

Let us start with How to set it up..

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How To Setup iCloud Photo Sharing Option

The most important question of this hour is how to set it up. Do not worry; you can quickly set it up on iPhone, iPad Mac or PC.

We will discuss the different iCloud control panel options in each of the devices. All you need is to keep your device ready in your hands and follow our easy steps.

Let us start with iPhone, iPad & MAC

How to set up iCloud Photo sharing on iPhone or iPad?

Let us start with how to set up iCloud image sharing option on iPhone or iPad.

Please follow the given methods to enjoy iCloud sharing.

  • Go to Settings app
  • Please scroll down to tap photos.
  • Now do toggle on the iCloud sharing option.

select settings then photos then select icloud photo sharing

Congratulation now you have successfully set up iCloud photo sharing on iPhone and iPad. We should now move to another famous Apple device that is the Mac.

How to setup iCloud sharing option on the Mac?

The Mac is a flagship Apple device with top class features. To enable iCloud sharing option, please follow the given procedure.

  • Find and launch photos app on Mac.
  • Select Photos option from the upper left.Choose photos and prefrences
  • Now select preferences.
  • Please select the iCloud tab.
  • Check Mark the box given in front of iCloud sharing option.

select iCloud and then check i cloud photo sharing

Now you are successfully able to share photos and videos using the iCloud sharing option.

What if you don’t own a Mac and are a PC user like many of us. We will not disappoint you. Keep calm and make way for our next section.

How To Enable iCloud Sharing Option On PC

You can access iCloud for Windows10 or previous versions via iCloud App. All you need is your iCloud login.

If you do not have this app, you can download iCloud for Windows from here.

  • Open iCloud application
  • Please click on “options” next to photosclick on "options" infront of photos
  • Check Mark on the option iCloud sharing from the bottom.

make sure to select icloud photo sharing

This is how to enable iCloud sharing on Windows PC. Simple? Isn’t it?

Likewise, we now know how to enable and setup iCloud sharing option on iPhone, iPad, Mac, and Windows PC.

What if you no longer want to use it. Then, it becomes important to know how to disable the iCloud photo sharing option.

We know many of you know how to disable the option by just going to the same settings as listed above. But we will continue writing the next section incase people are looking for an answer on Google.

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How To Disable iCloud Photo Sharing?

There can be many reasons you do not want to continue your iCloud sharing option on your devices. There is a facility to put off this advantageous feature.

Let us discuss the process to put off iCloud sharing option in different devices.

Disable iCloud sharing option on iPhone or iPad.

Choose photos then preferences then uncheck cloud photo sharing

Follow the steps below to disable on iPhone or iPad.

  • Go to Settings app
  • Please scroll down to tap photos.
  • Now toggle the switch off

How to Turn off iCloud sharing option in Mac.

Please follow the given steps to put off iCloud sharing option in Mac

  • Find and lunch photos app on Mac
  • Select Photos option from the upper left
  • Now select preferences
    Choose photos and prefrences
  • Please select the iCloud tab
  • Uncheck the box given in front of  iCloud sharing option in pc
    make sure to unselect icloud photo sharing

Now, you have successfully disabled the sharing option from Mac.

Disable iCloud On Windows PC

In order to disable iCloud photo sharing on PC follow these steps.

  • Open iCloud application
  • Please click on option next to photos
    click on "options" infront of photos
  • Click on the option iCloud sharing from the bottom. make sure to uncheck it.

Now we know how to disable iCloud Sharing option across different devices.

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I hope i have  kept it simple and you guys now know how to share iCloud photos without taking a toll on iCloud storage. Easy Image sharing using the iCloud login.

We also know profoundly about the ways to enable iCloud photo sharing option and how to disable it.

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  1. I have photo sharing with iPhone and iPad with my Mac desktop. If I SWITCH OFF PHOTO sharing on my iPhone and iPad, will that destroy or take all my photos off my Mac desktop?

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