Import Photos From iPhone to Mac
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How To Import Photos From iPhone to Mac?

Having an iPhone or Mac is good. But what is better than having one of them? Having two of them. And there is one more interesting thing you should know, How to Import Photos From iPhone to Mac?

An iPhone is  undoubtedly your snap buddy, and you should be proud of it. The best of the class camera is equipped to capture your memories as no other device can.

You can have all the photos you want but where you will keep them? You might feel stuck here, but you don’t need to, there is a solution. All you need to do is transfer those photos to your mac.

In this article, we will teach you to transfer photos and videos from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to Mac.

There are some major advantages to transfer photos from iPhone to Mac. Namely, it provides you a back up of your images. Further, it results in more storage space available on your iPhone.

The best way to do it is by using the iCloud photo library. An iCloud Library syncs your iPhone photos with Photos App on Mac. It is highly convenient, but it can be unreliable. One major flaw is that it consumes cloud storage space.

iCloud photos Library

But Thankfully, there are other methods to do so.

There are many possible ways to do it as given below.

  • AirDrop
  • iMessage Yourself
  • Image Capture App

Without waiting any further let us dig into the process in detail.

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Use AirDrop to Import Photos From iPhone

AirDrop is undoubtedly the best method to import photos from iPhone to Mac.
But what is  AirDrop?

AirDrop is technology that can seemingly transfer files Across iOs and MacOS devices over WiFi or Bluetooth.

Please follow the given steps to transfer photos using AirDrop.

  1.  The first step is on your iPhone.
  • On your iPhone, Open the control center from the bottom of the screen.
  • Now please tap on AirDrop button.tap on air drop
  • Now select “contacts only” or “everyone” depending on your intention to share the files with.choose contacts only or everyone
  • You can see AirDrop is on and Wifi and Bluetooth are also enabled.
    Choose Airdrop contacts only

2. Let us move to Mac for the second step.

  • Now grab your Mac and access AirDrop by opening the finder window and selecting “AirDrop” from left-hand slide bar.
    choose air drop
  • At the bottom choose “Allow me to discovered by”  followed by “No One.”
  • Now, Just like iPhone select “Contacts only” or “Everyone.”
  • Close the finder window and move back to your iPhone for next step.

3. The third step, Open up your iPhone

  • Open Photos app
  • Select photos you want to transfer to your Mac
    Select images to import photos from iPhone to Mac
  • Tap on the “Share” button in the bottom left corner.
    Click on share button
  • You will see Mac in “AirDrop” Section.

4. Back to Mac (The final step)

  • Open your Mac to see the photos in downloads.
    Open downloads on Mac

AirDrop did right!
We can move to our second method, i.e., to iMessage yourself.

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iMessage yourself to import Photos from iPhone To Mac.

If you find Using AirDrop be a complex process and uncomfortable to use. Using iMessage to Transfer photos from iPhone to Mac can be a very smart option 😎 .  All you need is iMessage enabled on your Mac.

Take a look at the steps to transfer photos Using iMessage

  • Set up iMessages on Mac
  • Try by sending a message to yourself as it is working or not
  • Open “Messages App”
  • Open “Messages” menu and
  • Click on “Preferences” option
    Open messages and click on preference
  • Select “Accounts” Tab
    Select Accounts Tab
  • Sign in with your Apple id
    Sign in with Apple id
  • After Completion of the sign in then select “Enable this Account.”Choose enable this account

You are now ready to move photos from iPhone to Mac.

When you receive the Photos, just drag them out to your preferred location to save them.
Congratulation, Now you know how to import Photos from iPhone to Mac using iMessage.Let us move to our third method.

Use ImageCapture to move photos from iPhone to Mac

Old is Gold, True in case of this App. This method is about moving back to the basics. We will connect iPhone to Mac using a lightning cable. And later using a built-in app in Mac.

Follow the given steps.

  • Connect iPhone to Mac    
  • Open “Applications” Folder
  • Look for “image capture app.”
    Image capture App
  • Open the app and look for your device from the top left corner
    locate device in image capture
  • Make sure your device is unlocked before continuing
  • Select Your photos list of photos From there.
    photos in image capture
  • Please select “Import to” from the drop-down menu and choose the preferred folder for saving your photos.
    select import to in image capture

Now it is very clear to you how can you transfer photos from iPhone to Mac Using USB cable.

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Finishing Off:

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Although the iCloud library is the best option to import photos from iPhone to Mac, there are other methods too. You now know about different methods of how to transfer photo from iPhone to Mac.

We are well aware of using AirDrop method for wireless transfer of photos. We also know a smart way to do it as via iMessage.  The basic and most reliable way to move photos via USB cable is also given above in this post.

For any further query, please comment on this article. Do not forget to share this article on social media accounts. (sharing is caring !)

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  1. Alena Smith says:

    I have a bunch of images on my iPhone that I want to transfer to my Mac book pro. Thanks for the awesome article … I will do this today. Cheers

  2. I always faced problem in transfering my photos when my cloud storage got filled up. i find this information useful and it worked for me. Thanks

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