iPhone Camera Not Working

iPhone Camera Not Working: Why and How to Fix It ?

An iPhone is the best camera phone out there in the mobile phone universe. The problem starts when you find your iPhone camera not working.

The manufacturing quality of Apple products is best in class. The same thing goes for iPhone. So if your iPhone camera stopped functioning suddenly, it could be a simple issue that can be solved easily.

Therefore, in this article, we will discuss the possible causes for why iPhone camera won’t work. And along with it, we will also provide possible solutions to fix it. So if you are a teenage girl calm down it’s going to be Okay!

You must be getting a black screen when your iPhone camera stopped working.

Do not panic.

The best thing to do is to troubleshoot the issue and figuring out what is causing the problem. It can be the software issue or a hardware problem, don’t automatically assume its broken.

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Let’s start it with the possible issues you face with iPhone camera:

  • The camera is frozen or laggy.
  • The camera shows a black screen.
  • Getting blurry images when using the iPhone camera app.
  • Camera options such as Flash and zoom are not working.
  • Switching between the rear and front camera crashes the app.
  • The camera flash is not working in timing with the shots.

If you don’t find any issue listed feel free to comment on our article to make it count here.

Let us start solving your issues one by one in no certain order.

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How To Remove Blurry Images Problem In iPhone Camera

Make sure that the camera lens is clean. To explain, it should be free from any dirt or debris from inside or outside the lens glass.

If its dirty from the outside

  • Take  Amicrofible Cloth the one you get with sunglasses or spectacles and clean it gently. This will remove all the dirt and debris from the outside camera lens cover.

Amicrofible Cloth To Wipe Dust From iPhone Camera

If it is dirty from inside

  • Do not take the matter in your hand. The only logical solution is to Let’s your device to the nearest apple customer care center. Use the following link to locate your nearest one:

Apple Retail Store or Authorized Service outlet

iPhone Teardown hardware

iPhone Camera Not Working And Freezes or Shows Black Screen

Are you getting a black screen while you are opening your iPhone camera? There can be many reasons why this is happening. Let’s understand what can be the reasons and how you can fix it.iPhone Camera Black Screen

By the way, the funniest reason that I came across was, the iPhone user had his phone cover upside down. That caused the camera lens to be covered, therefore the Black screen.

Check yours before you move forward with other steps.

So what to do if your iPhone camera isn’t working. The first step is to troubleshoot any software issues.

Are you using Third Party Camera Apps?

Many iPhone users tend to use third party camera apps. Some users also use more than one third-party camera apps, and this sometimes creates a problem. Are you using any?3rd Party iPhone Camera Apps

Troubleshooting 1# If Yes! Then first check if your Phone camera is working as it should when you open it from iPhone stock camera app.

If its working fine on the iPhone stock camera app than this means that the 3rd Party app that you are using has malfunctioned.

Troubleshooting 2# If both the camera apps, i.e.relate iPhone original camera app and the third party camera app is showing the black screen, then there is a chance its a hardware issue. But we will do some more troubleshooting before we come to our conclusion.

Did you try Restarting your iPhone device?

iPhone 6 Restarting

iPhone Camera Not Working than try restarting your iPhone. Restarting your device can solve this camera black screen problem.

But if after restarting the issue does not get fixed then try doing the next troubleshooting.

Reset all settings to reset iPhone

Resetting all setting will not delete your personal data but will reset the settings that you did on your iPhone in the past. For example, your Wi-Fi password will be wiped from your phone. So do make a note of it.

To reset all settings please follow the below steps:

  • Open the settings app, go to General

iPhone General Settings

  • Now scroll down and Tap Reset.

Tap Reset In General Settings iPhone

  • Next Tap Reset All Settings

Tap Reset All Settings

  • Enter the Passcode when prompted by the device

Enter Your iPhone Passcode

  • Tap Reset All Settings to confirm your move.

Confirm Reset All Settings

  • Restart your iPhone again.

Check if your iPhone Camera started functioning. If iPhone camera not working even after doing all the troubleshooting than unfortunately there is some problem with the hardware of your iPhone.

You should visit your nearest iPhone store.

If you believe that iPhone camera stopped working after an update, you can try to restore your iPhone.

iPhone Flash Isn’t Working

If your iPhone flash is not working the first thing is to check it is a software issue or a hardware one. When you take a picture from your iPhone and if the Flash goes On after or before the photo is clicked, then there is chance you will get a Black or blurred picture.iPhone 5 Camera View

To troubleshoot this issue just follow the simple steps below:

  • Open the Control Centre
  • Tap on the Flash Light symbol
  • Try to switch ON and OFF the Flash Light.

If it is working fine then the issues are related to software. And if the Flash Light isn’t working then it can be a hardware issue.

If you believe that the issue is with the hardware, I will suggest you visit the nearest Apple store.

And if its the software that is causing the issue. Follow the troubleshooting steps below:

  • Check if there is Update available for your iPhone. If its available than Update iOS.
  • Reset All Settings by navigating to General>>Reset>>Reset All Settings>>Enter Passcode>>Confirm Reset All Settings.
  • Force Quit Camera App.
  • Or try Restoring your iPhone.

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I hope after going through this article and following all the troubleshooting steps, your iPhone Camera Not Working issue has been resolved.

If you still see the black screen on your iPhone camera app, its time to rush to the Apple Store to get it fixed.

If you want to make any comments related to this article please use the comment box area below. Do share this article with your friends on facebook to support us.

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  1. Thanks , my iPhone camera started working again after resetting the iPhone.

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