Fix iPhone Won't Ring Issue

iPhone Won’t Ring? Why & How To Fix It?

Imagine a No-Call Sunday vacation. No beeping of your iPhone now and then. Ahh! Feels like nirvana feels like heaven. Something to wish for in an always beeping world. I Felt Great until to find out my iPhone won’t ring on calls and text.

24 missed calls creating a volcanic chaos in my life and sense of panic among my friends and family. Definitely not like nirvana.

Our dependency on our mobile device to connectivity with outside world is near to 100 % now. Hence, iPhone ringer not working is a big problem. Therefore, it is important to know how to fix an iPhone that won’t ring.

In this post, we provide a free tutorial exclusively for iKeema readers to fix an iPhone won’t ring issue faced by many iPhone users.

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The curious case of do not disturb modeiphone won't ring

Do not disturb utility allows a user to set the iPhone device in silent mode. It is a lifesaver when we are in an important conversation, business meeting or needs peace of mind(much-needed nowadays).

There can be problems because Unwanted activation of do not disturb mode. Problems such as missing of important calls, alerts, and notifications.

How to know the status of do not disturb setting?  And how to turn it off?

Let’s find out. No waiting at iKeema for readers!

How to disable do not disturb mode for iPhone won’t ring problem?

A) Disable iPhone do not disturb mode from the control center.

1 Swipe up from your iPhone Home screen to open Control Centre.disable do not disturb mode from control center

2 If you see a  moon shaped icon, then that means it is on.

3 To put it off just tap the moon shaped icon.

B) Turning off Do not disturb mode from settings.

1 From home screen tap the settings icon.choose do not disturb from settings menu

2 Scroll down, and select do not disturb.

3 Tap on the slider next to manual to turn it off as shown in the screenshot below.

tap the green toggle from do not disturb menu and fix iPhone won't ring

Time to Test: Try to make a call on your iPhone and check if it is ringing or not.

If it is still not ringing, try our next solution.

iPhone not ringing because of low ringer volume?

What if your iPhone was ringing, but you cannot hear it. If the volume of ringer set low, it won’t be audible. Therefore we can say low ringing volume can appear as iPhone won’t ring.ringer on iphone

How to do it?

Just tap on your volume up button of iPhone from the sidebar to increase your ringer volume.

Very easy.

If it does not do the trick, try the next one.

iPhone won’t ring because of call blocking mode

Ask yourself are you missing calls from a specific number or a group of people only?

It can happen as a result of call blocking of those numbers.

How to unblock numbers on iPhone?

  1. From Home screen Go to  Settings.
  2. Tap Phone.
  3. Tap Call Blocking & Identification (it’s simply Blocked on earlier versions of the iOS).
  4. List of blocked number appears
  5. Now tap the red circle to the left of the number, and then tap Unblock.

unblock number in an iPhone when iPhone won't ring

If it is still not ringing, additionally to above reasons there can a be a possibility of hardware problems.

 iPhone won’t ring because of Hardware problems?

That left us to our last option. A possibility of hardware problem.

Damage to hardware can conclude in iPhone ringer not working.

Time to Test

We can check the speaker of iPhone order to do so, try to play a song or youtube video.

If there is No sound on iPhone, we can conclude there is speaker damage.

Rush to your nearest support center. Do not try to fix it yourself. It can consequently result in more damages.

Contact  Apple support staff or locate your nearest Apple store.

Hardware problems can cause multiple issues in iPhone. Hence it can be a reason iPhone sound not working

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Final Thoughts.

This post was a discussion about the possible reasons why iPhone won’t ring to calls and texts. It can be because of unwanted activation of do not disturb mode or low ringer volume. It can also be a result of call blocker or hardware damage.

At ikeema, our aim is to resolving our reader’s problems to our best. You can also put your problem being discuss in our next blog post. How?

You can submit your queries to keema experts at our official Facebook` page or by just using the comment section below.

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