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Mac Running Slow? Why and How to FIX it quickly?(New)

Is your Mac running slow?
A slow Mac can drop down your work productivity by at least 26 %.

Mac is widely known for its fantastic performance among professions as well personal computer users worldwide.

Even a premium class machine like Mac can get slow down by regular usage.
A slow Mac results from insufficient storage, an outdated software or a combination of more than one factor.

Hence, their speed and performance start to decline and end up with your Mac running slow.

So if you ever wondered Why is my MAC so slow? or your MacBook Pro running slow then this post is for you.

In this post, we will tell you
How can you speed up Mac easily and fix your slow Mac like a PRO!

Without more blah blah lets learn how to make Macbook Pro faster!

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1# Mac running slow because of insufficient storage?

Hard drive running out of storage space can consequently make your MacBook lag while you work. Low availability of storage space disrupts Mac performance and you experience a slow Mac.

However, managing your storage and trashing unnecessary files can consequently result in increased Mac speed and improved performance.

If Mac running slow due to inadequate storage, then you need to check the storage status of your device.

How to check storage status on Mac?

  1. From the Apple menu, choose About This Mac.
    about this mac
  2. Click More Info option 
  3. Then select  Storage, 3rd on the top lane of options.
    storage in mac
  4. Storage status appears.

Ideally, 10% of free storage is required by MAC OS to function smoothly.

In order to speed up Mac, we need to clean up Mac hard drive by following methods.

How to clean up Mac Hard drive?

 1-Delete files you no longer need.  

2-Move your files to iCloud storage.

3-Move your files to external disk drive.

4-Look for Duplicate Files, delete them.

Following these methods, you can clean up Mac in no time. 

2# Delete Cache, Cookies and Junk files.

Cache files are temporary files that store information related to used web pages, app-generated caches etc.

Crashing of any programme or in case of error can make cache file go corrupt.
Corrupt cache files can make individual programs or Mac OS perform indifferently at times as a result.

Cookies and junk files create the same impact on your Mac performance. These are the unwanted leftovers of web pages, programs, and used files.


  1. Delete cache from your web browsers a manually.
  2. Also, Delete temporary files from apps.
  3. Delete all Cookies from individual web browsers.

how to clean system junk in mac

This will remove a heap unwanted items and thus give your Mac Os to have some ‘AIR’ to breathe and perform better.

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 3# Check unwanted background running Apps.

Too many apps running in background consume processor power due to which we experience Mac running slower.

There are apps which we don’t need to use but somehow, they are presently running in the background.
Such Apps consume system power and in conclusion, leave less power in the processor for other functions.

SOLUTION: Diagnose background running Apps using Activity Monitor. Stop apps from running in background.

What is an Activity Monitor?

Activity Monitor is kind of a diagnosing tool that shows us what are the apps running on our system at present?
How much power and battery they are consuming.?

How to access Activity Monitor?

From here you can choose to Stop an app from operating.

  •   Click on the App in the list
  •   Click “x” icon located at the top-left corner of the window

activity monitor

Ending the unrequired apps will take away the pressure from your processor.
Consequently, you can experience a better Mac Speed.

 4# Light down Startup items Preference. 

What are Startup Items?

Startup item is a bundle of programs that get loaded on their own along with system os, every time you start your Mac.

Sometimes unnecessary programs get Preference on your startup program list.

Such items burden your Mac processor and therefore you experience a slow start. In addition to these items hanging down on the riff of your startup items list keep creating an additional load of on your processor throughout the use.

SOLUTION: You can fix this by managing your startup items list.

How to manage Startup items on Mac?

In order to check your startup items list follow these steps.

  1. Go to System Preferences.
    system preference in mac
  2. Click on Users & Groups.
  3. Select  Login Items.
  4. Next, Select a program you don’t immediately need when your Mac starts up
  5. Then click the “–” button below.

mac running slow:start up items list

Narrowing down your Mac startup items can heavily improve overall Mac speed and performance.

5# Update your Outdated Mac Os.

Outdated Mac OS can cause a problem in the functioning of your device. Therefore it is of utmost necessity to keep your OS and all your Apps updated.

Apple issues timely Updates in order to meet the present requirements for your system to run swiftly.

At the same time, one needs to make sure they opted for Auto-Update for OS and all other  Apps.


  1. Click on the  Apple menu and select “App Store.
    from App, Store window Click the “Updates” tab.
  2. Click “Update” next to any available update to Install it.
  3. It will download and Install automatically
    update os software for mac running slow
  4. You can see App Updates and system updates in the list of available updates
    (only if there are any new updates available)

Finally, when you are done with this step, as a consequence you will experience a better speed in Mac.

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Final Thoughts

In conclusion, Today we learned about the possible reasons that can consequently make your Mac slow. Ranging from a low storage space to Outdated OS.

We also discussed How can a user fix a Mac Running Slow by themselves, by listing all the proven solutions in simple steps.

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