How To Unock An iPhone

How To Unlock An iPhone ? :Complete Cheat Sheet

Is your iPhone locked to a single carrier? And you are looking for ways to unlock an iPhone?. Then it is a lucky day for you. We are providing an exclusive cheat sheet to disabling iPhone lock and yes it is legal to do that.

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If you are not sure whether it is locked or not? Then make sure you read our guide to Locked vs. Unlocked iPhone. This will guide you to know the lock status of iPhone and you will know if your device is Factory locked or Factory unlocked iPhone.

In this article, we will cover everything you need to know about unlocking an iPhone. This detailed process to unlock your iPhone are divided into a few topics as listed below.

Topics which we will Highlight today are:

  • Why are iPhones locked?
  • Why Unlock your iPhone?
  • Types of locks?
  • Legal risks associated with unlocking?
  • What are some ways to unlock an iPhone?

Let us start off the journey from Why are iPhones locked?

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Why Are iPhones Locked?Why iPhones are locked

Your iPhones come with inbuilt lock feature when you buy them. Yes, a locked phone is a result of special discount price provided with you manufacturer in partnership with a carrier. The result is a win-win situation for everyone.

The manufacturer can sell at low prices to attract customers. The carrier can get a guarantee of service usage. The customer can get all this at a low price than usual.

The problem is that you cannot use any other telecom provider apart from the one you entered in to contract with at the time of purchase.

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Why Unlock An iPhone?Why unlock an iPhone

With an unlocked iPhone, you are no longer in the trap with a particular telecom operator. After this, you will have freedom of choosing any carrier.

You can use any sim card in your unlocked device. You are no longer depend on a single provider for telecom deals. Now let us understand the locks that come with iPhones.

Types Of Locks In iPhone

There can be three types of locks.

  1. Country Lock
  2. Network Lock
  3. Subscriber Lock

Country Lock

In this kind of lock the mobile phone can use only a sim card limited to a particular country. Sim card of any other country is restricted to function.

Network  Lock

In network Lock, the mobile phone has a restriction to use a sim card of a particular telecom operator. No other network sim card can be operated in this phone.

Subscriber Lock

In this type of lock, there is a restriction of being with a particular sim card and mobile number.  Also known as gsm locked.

As now we know about the locks let us understand the legal factors associated with it.

Legal Risks Associated With Unlocking iPhone?

Unlocking an iPhone is legal as long as you are respecting the terms of the contract with your carrier. If your contract period has ended, you are free to unlock your phone.

If the period has not ended yet, there is a solution to it. Interestingly, you can pay the remaining amount to your carrier to get free.

What if you want to pay the amount and not sure about the process. Please go through our next section ways to unlock an iPhone to know more.

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Ways To Unlock iPhoneWays to unlock an iPhone

Your device can be unlocked in multiple ways. But we will only recommend to you the 3rd one.

  1. Software
  2. Hardware
  3. Contacting Service provider


There are much software which claims to unlock your phone. But one should always stay away from these lucrative offers.

Device unlock software claims to unlock iPhone by making a change in your firmware to remove the restricting software.

Unfortunately, these end up messing your phone firmware and may lead to brick the mobile itself.  A brick mobile is as good as given in the image below. 🙂

brick iPhone


Making any hardware change in the device to unlock the iPhone is a recipe for disaster. This can void your warranty. Along with it, it can also damage your phone in multiple ways.

There is an option for jailbreak. It is highly risky. Even if you are successful, a jailbreak remains only till the next update.

Contacting Service provider

Contacting you service provider is the only authentic way to get your iPhone Unlocked. You must contact your service provider and get a deal about remaining period and amount to be paid.

In case you have a problem contacting your service provider, kindly go here .

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Today we learned about the different methods to unlock an iPhone. Along with it, we also came to know about details regarding unlocking an iPhone.

Now you know about iPhone locks, what they mean and what are the legal risks they carry.

We advise that our readers should not fall trap for software and service provider that claim to unlock your iPhone. You should use authentic ways to do so. We do not promote anything illegal on our site.

Do not forget to comment if you have any questions or suggestions and please share the article.

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