WiFi Connected But No Internet Access Fix

WiFi Connected But No Internet Access Error Fix For Android Phone & TV

I am sure you must be familiar with WiFi connected but no internet access error. Almost all of us have seen this error at some point in time.

The error can pop up on any device which can connect to a WiFi network. It can be your MAC, an iPhone, an Android Phone, your personal computer, and also your smart television.

I know this is an iOS blog, so why I am talking about Android suddenly? The thing is one of my friend owns an iPhone X and also an OnePlus 7, which is an Android phone.

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Last night he called me to ask if I have any suggestions to solve the phone connected to wifi but no internet issue. So I sent him the guide that I specifically wrote for iOS devices, to be more precise its a troubleshooting guide to fix iPhone won’t connect to WiFi

But he informed it’s his OnePlus 7 is not getting connected to the WiFi Internet. That’s it i made my mind to write this internet connectivity troubleshooting guide for people like my friend who owns Android as well as iOS devices.

You will encounter this WiFi notification a very few times and in most cases, it gets fixed automatically.

But there are times when more is needed to be done to fix WiFi connectivity issue.

Not getting into much ado lets begin the troubleshooting.

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WiFi Connected But No Internet Access Error Checks

Before you go ahead and alter your Android phone settings, there are few checks that we need to perform. If we fail in the checks that I am going to list down then go ahead with other troubleshooting methods.

These checks are important and you will see why just in a minute. Let’s begin.

✅ Check 1: Check If Internet Connectivity Is Up & Running

The first thing to do is check if your Internet connection is stable or not. To do this, pick up a different phone and try connecting it to the WiFi. Does it connect?

Yes: If your answer is Yes, there is some issue with your Android smartphone as the other device is getting connected to the WiFi. Please skip this part by clicking here to continue to the next recommended fixes.

No: If you say No! Then the issue must be with your wireless router or your Internet is totally down. We will further troubleshoot this.

✅ Check 2: Check Your Wireless Modem

Next is, you need to check if your modem is working properly or not. Unplug the cable from your modem and plug it directly in your Mac or personal computer and see if the internet is working?

Wireless modem router wi-fi connectivity

Yes: If the internet is working when the internet cable is directly connected to the PC then it means the issue is with your modem. Try resetting your modem.

To troubleshoot the issue with your modem, please visit your modem manufacturers site or manual that should be in the modem cardboard box.

No: Well, this is the point when you should just wait as if the Internet is down, none of your devices will get connected.


If your internet is down you will probably see “can’t connect to this network” message instead of the “WiFi Connected but no internet Access“. Try calling your ISP and see if they have any outage or if that’s just you.

Why Does My WiFi Say Connected But No Internet

So if you are still confused about why you are being connected to WiFi with No Internet, we have some further troubleshooting for you.

The below troubleshooting applies when you know that the Internet is working fine but your smartphone is not connecting.

Let’s see what are they:

➤ Try Restarting Your Android Devices

In most of the cases, the problem gets solved by restarting your android device.

You can also try to switch off wifi and then again switching it on. Does it make any difference? If no, continue reading.

You can solve this problem in your android device by restarting it. Well restarting your android phone is a lot quick and easy:

  • Press the power button on the side of your Android phone.

Restart android phone to fix wifi connected but no internet

  • Press it for some time till a pop-up appears on your screen.

Restart Android Smartphone Connect To WiFi

  • Tap Restart on the pop-up.
  • After restarting the phone check if the problem is solved or not.

➤ Check Your Phone’s IP Address

Some time due to a change in your IP settings your phone struggle to get connected to the WiFi network.

Follow the below steps and make sure your phone IP address does not say

  • Navigate to phone Settings and then to About phone section
  • Look for Phone Number, Signal, etc and Tap on it.
  • Check your phone’s IP address.

If you see in the IP address section than it’s not a good signal. It’s possible that your Phone’s Wireless Network Interface Card (WNIC) is not working properly.

In this case, go to the nearest mobile repair shop to get your phone checked.

➤ Check If Your Mobile Data Is Off

If your mobile is connected to a WiFi network with no internet and your mobile data connection is ON, in this case, you may not be able to access the internet.

This happens many times but not all the time. It’s a rare happening. So you should turn your mobile data connection OFF and then connect your mobile device to a wireless network.

This happens because in many mobile phones your android prioritizes your mobile data over any other third party internet service like your wifi or any other network sources.

  • Swipe down from the top of the screen to open the drawer.

Turn off mobile data and turn on WiFi android

  • There Tap data connection icon and turn Off your mobile data.

➤ Is Your Phone’s Date & Time Setting Correct?

Sometimes you may get WiFi connected but no internet access error if your phone’s data and time aren’t correct.

Usually, mobiles are updated to the accurate date and time from the network provider. But if you had manually changed the clock on your device you may face this issue.

The connectivity issue arises due to non-sync between your wifi router and your mobile device, as they both are not able to record data usage correctly. So, mobile stops accessing the internet.

To reset the clock follow the below steps:

  • Launch the clock app on your Android phone.
  • Tap on three vertical dots present at the right corner, and then tap Settings.
  • In settings tap on Change Date and Time.
  • There toggle the automatic date and time and automatic time zone options.

Change data and time in Android device to fix internet

Your date and time will get updated and after this try to reconnect your wireless wifi network and see if the problem is fixed

➤ Reset Android  Phone WiFi Settings To Fix WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

You can also try resetting your wireless settings on your phone just as you do on your computers and laptops.

Here you need to open the hidden settings to do this.

Almost every networking issue will get fixed after doing a phone reset. It helps in flushing the DNS and checking the configuration files. you need to follow below steps:

  • On your mobile dialer dial *#*#4636#*#* to open the hidden Testing panel.

Open Secret Wireless Settings Android

  • Tap WiFi Settings.
  • After that, Tap disable network. This will turn off your WiFi radio.

Disable Wireless Network Reset Connection Android

  • Enable it after some 20 seconds.

The above-mentioned steps will surely help any android user to “fix Wifi connected but No internet Acess” notification.

Now let’s see how to fix no internet issues on Android TV.

WiFi Connected But No Internet Access Error In Android TV

Those were the good old days when we used television just for watching tv channels.

Android Smart TV Wifi Connected But No Internet Access

The present time is the age of smart TV’s and android Tv is one such thing. Smart televisions allow not only to watch TV channels but also allow you to surf the world of the internet, YouTube being the most-watched web app on Android televisions.

A smart TV is of no use if it’s not connected to the Internet. So what to do if Android TV won’t connect to WiFi? Well, just keep on reading:

📺 Power Off Your Smart TV & Switch It Back On

The first thing you should do is to switch off your television and then switch it on.

After doing this try connecting to the wifi, your problem may get fixed. You can also try to switch on and off your router.

📺 Changing your TV’s IP Settings

You can fix No internet access error in your smart TV by altering your IP settings. Follow these steps to do it-

  • Pick your TV remote and press Menu.
  • There select Network and then Network Status.
  • Click IP Settings.
  • Go to the DNS Settings and change it to “Enter Manually”.
  • Now change your DNS server to either “” or “
  • Press the OK button and try reconnecting your tv to the wifi.

Xfinity WiFi Connected But No Internet Access

Xfinity is a very popular cable service provider that provides cable TV, Internet, Telephone, and other wireless services. I too use Xfinity and so adding some important references:

If you are an Xfinity wireless network user like me and getting Wifi Connected But No Internet Access error then you should try these ways to correct it.

  • Use Xfinity support and chat with the representatives or find troubleshooting manuals.
  • Ask anything in their forum and get answers from hundreds of Xfinity users.

Here is a detailed article to troubleshoot Xfinity connectivity issues: Xfinity Internet Troubleshooting.

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WiFi connected but no internet access error can happen due to various issues. Some of them we already discussed in this article with their solutions.

Most of the time waiting for time is the best you can do and the problem may get solved automatically.

Usually, if there is any problem with your device it will get fixed in earlier steps only. So you do need to give more attention to the earlier ways to fix WiFi connectivity.

There are very fewer chances that you will require to follow all the solutions mentioned as the issue will be solved by following the first few solutions. As always I would love to hear which method solved the issue with your phone WiFi connectivity? Drop your comments below.

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