How To Delete Purchased Apps From iCloud & Clear Purchase History
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How To Delete Purchased Apps From iCloud & Clear Purchase History

Delete Purchased Apps From iCloud & Clear Purchase History to free up iCloud storage space. This task is somewhat tricky, but I have made it simple for you by breaking down the steps with screenshots.

iCloud is an online cloud storage service for Apple users. It helps you in getting rid of the hectic task of managing your important files and data.

You can simply upload your data on iCloud; the data is stored on their servers, and you can access it from anywhere.

This makes the process of storing and managing data quite simple and easy. It also secures your important data and files from getting lost.

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People have the misconception that the purchased apps fill up your storage; in reality, the apps are stored on iCloud in apple’s server, not your iCloud account. The app data actually fill up your storage, and that’s the main reason to worry about it.

You may have purchased many apps in your iCloud account. Some of them may demand privacy, and some may cause storage problems. If you want to delete them to secure your privacy or to free up your storage, there is no way you can directly delete them.

In this article, we are going to tell you different ways on how to delete purchased apps from Apple app store/iCloud

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How To Delete Purchased App Data from iCloud

Your iCloud storage is getting full, or you want to get rid of previously purchased apps data.

If you are wondering how do I delete apps from iCloud, well, you can delete the purchased app data from your iCloud account by following these simple steps:

In a nutshell: Settings > iCloud > Storage & Backup > Manage Storage > Documents & Data > Tap Any App > Press Edit > Delete > Confirm > Delete All

  • Launch Settings; scroll down to iCloud and tap it.

Tap iCloud in iphone settings

  • Open iCloud and then select Storage and Backup option.
  • Tap on Manage Storage and then open Documents and Data from there.

Manage iCloud storage

  • Now tap on the specific app which you want to delete from your iCloud storage.

managing Apps in iCloud storage

  • Press on Edit and tap Delete.
  • A pop up appears; tap on “you confirm that you want to delete” button.
  • Tap on Delete All; this will remove each and everything related to that app from your iCloud storage.

Deleting all app data from iCloud

These simple steps will allow you to delete the app data from your iCloud storage, helping you to reclaim some of the storage.

How To Hide Purchased Apps on iPhone/iCloud

If you are having apps or app data in iCloud storage which demands privacy; or you are not comfortable in showing it to others, well no problem there is a solution; you can hide app data or apps from iCloud by following these simple steps:

In a nutshell: AppStore > Tap On Your Picture > Tap Purchased > Swipe Left The App > Tap Hide

  • In your iOS device, open AppStore 

Launch App store apple

  • In today’s section, tap on your image on the top right corner of your device.

Today section appstore

  • Tap Purchased from there to view Apple app store purchases.

Login to icloud and tap purchased to see app icloud

  • The list and details of all purchased app will be available to you.
  • Select a specific app that you want to hide.

iPhone iCloud Purchased History Hide

  • Swipe left on the particular app which you want to hide.

Swipe Left To Hide App On iPhone

  • Tap on done, and your app will no longer be visible on any platform logged on through your account.

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Hiding Your App Store Purchased History Through Mac Or Windows Device

  • Open your mac or windows device; launch iTunes and then go to the iTunes store.
  • Click on the right side on Purchased to open all the purchased app history.
  • On the top of your window, click on Apps; you will get the list of all downloaded and purchased apps.
  • Select the specific app which you want to hide.
  • Hover the mouse pointer over the app, and you will notice an X mark at the corner of the apps icon.
  • Click the X icon over the app to hide the particular app.
  • After clicking the X mark, your list will be updated, and you will no longer see the hidden app on the list.

If you are an iOS 7 user then after following the above steps; the hidden app will be still visible, Follow these steps to hide it:

  • Go to AppStore; tap on your Apple ID and then sign out yourself from it.
  • Again open AppStore, and you will notice that the purchase history is empty.
  • Once again, sign in into your account by entering your Apple ID.
  • Following the above steps, your purchased history will no longer be available.

How To Unhide Apps On iPhone or How to View Hidden Purchases?

If you deleted an App or its purchase history from iCloud by mistake, it will no longer be available on your iCloud storage. In order to view it once again, we need to follow these simple steps-

In a nutshell: Launch Appstore > Tap your name > Hidden Purchases > Apps > Tap Cloud Icon

  • Open AppStore in your apple device and click on your image on the top right corner.

Today section appstore

  • Now tap on your name there.
  • Tap the option of view Hidden Purchases.

Go To Hidden Purchases in iCloud iPhone

  • In Hidden Purchases, go-to Apps and tap on it.
  • The list of hidden apps appears.
  • Tap the cloud icon next to the app icon.
  • After pressing the cloud icon, the app will start to install once again.

After installing the app by following these points, the app will be available at all of your devices logged in from your Apple ID. Isn’t it’s easy to find hidden apps on iPhone/iPad?

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Wrapping up

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That’s it, this is  How to delete Purchased apps & Clear Purchase History permanently from iCloud. You can free up your iCloud storage by following these steps and can save yourself from paying extra cents in order to buy more storage.

Next, do you want me to wire about how to view or delete iTunes purchase history? If yes, please comment below and i will come up with an article in a day or two.

The above steps will work for all your Apple device. You can use this guide on how to delete apps from iCloud or to clear App Store purchase history or hide/unhide Apps on iCloud for your iPhone and even your iPad.

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