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How to Change Language on iPhone/iPad? – With Screenshots

After reading this article, you will be able to change language on iPhone/iPad in seconds. Let us agree, We all like to operate our devices in our native languages.

iPhones by default come with a language of their manufacturing region. For example, if your iPhone /iPad is manufactured in China, it will come with the Chinese language as default.

Not having your native language as a preferred language can be problematic. As a result, It can lead to choosing the wrong options. Also, it can confuse the users.

Consequently, it will be difficult using your iPhone iPad in an unfamiliar language.

This certainly does not mean you cannot choose your language and region in iPhone. You can change language on the iPhone easily.

iPhone comes with multiple language options such as English, Spanish, German, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Arabic, etc.

Therefore, using your favorite language as preferred language is a must. Lets us find out how to Change language on iPhone.

How to Change language on iPhone and iPad?

Changing Language on iPhone is easy and you can do it in seconds. Please follow the given steps in order to do so. We have also included screenshots to make this article more easy to understand.

1)Open Settings from your Home screen.

 Open Settings from your Home screen.

2)  Now do Tap on General.Now do Tap on General.

3) Tap on Language & Region.Tap on Language & Region.

4) Please Tap and choose “[Device] Language”.

5)Choose your favorite language from the list of languages. For example, French.

Choose your favorite language from the list of languages.

6) Please Tap Done in the upper right corner of the screen.

Please Tap Done in the upper right corner of the screen.

So, we are successful in changing iPhone language.

Apart from the language, you can also change the region on your ios devices.

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How to set your region on your iPhone and iPad

1) Launch Settings from home screen.

 Open Settings from your Home screen.

2)Tap on General.Now do Tap on General.

3)Tap on Language & Region.Tap on Language & Region.4) Tap Region.

5)Choose the region you would like to select.

choose region

6) Tap Done.

choose your favorite region

7) Tap Continue to confirm the choice.

tap continue to confirm

Congratulations, now you know how to change region in iPhone.

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To Conclude…

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As per our assurance, now you know how to change language in iPhone.  You also know about the benefits of changing the language in iPhone/iPad. Overall it is a great experience to operate the device in your familiar language.

So where are you from & what language are you using on your iDevice?

Please comment down, If you have any question related to this article.

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