Apps & Resources For Accurate Covid-19 Information

Apps & Resources For Accurate Covid-19 Information Tracker : 2020

Last Update May 17th, 2020 The whole world is at a pause due to the Novel Corona Virus pandemic. We all are trapped inside our houses, and the world is becoming a dangerous place to live. One way to keep your self safe is relying on COVID 19 Data. In this guide, we will cover Apps & Resources For accurate COVID-19 Information Tracker.

The period of lockdown is extending worldwide, and people are terrified about what to do, how to protect themselves and their families.

The virus, which initially originated from a city named WUHAN of China, is wreaking havoc on the globe.

Since early January till now, the disease is spreading exponentially, and there seems to be no cure for it as the vaccine or medication is still not developed by any country of the world. 

Among this darkness and fear, there are other repercussions like fake reports, fake news information is also circulated on many platforms on the internet, on print media or even on our televisions.

In these hard times, correct information is essential to protect yourselves and your family.

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Though there is darkness all around there is a spark of light also for those who are sitting at homes looking to their smartphones for accurate information related to Corona Virus pandemic.

The whole world is under lockdown, and smartphones are playing a crucial role in keeping you up to date. There are many resources and apps available which can help you and your family to fight against COVID-19

Talking about i-phones, there are many apps and resources you can use. I am going to talk about them in detail about what they are, how to access them, how you can use them, and how good they are. So here is a list of some of them.

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World COVID 19 Trackers Live & Accurate Information

[COVID19-SHEET country_title=”Country” land=”” rows=”20″ search=”Search by Country…” confirmed_title=”Cases” today_cases=”24h” deaths_title=”Deaths” today_deaths=”24h” recovered_title=”Recovered” active_title=”Active”]

The below apps that I am going to discuss are accessible throughout the world but are mainly useful in the United States, UAE, and India

If you are from INDIA and want only to know India COVID Resouces, Click Here

Apple’s COVID-19 Screening Tool


For providing accurate and credible information to all the users of Apple about the COVID-19 pandemic, a new dedicated app and website has been released by APPLE  for users across the United States.

The information here is provided and checked and authorized by the CDC.

Centers For Disease Control And Prevention (CDC), the White House, and FEMA came together in partnership and created the app and the website.

According to the official release notes, this app is available for all the Apple users in the U.S on the Apple Store. The users of the app can use integrated tools to answer questions around risk factors, recent exposure, and symptoms. You will also get a detailed report once you finish the Screening.

Here is the link to the website – Go To Website

Apple News For Latest COVID19 News

apple news for covid 19
Target Location: United States

Apples have their app, which may be available in most of the iPhone/iPad/Mac users devices. It gives you information and news from various sources and sites. It will surely help you get informed about the latest Corona Virus news. Apple also recently added a new section for the Coronavirus in the Apple News.

Apple News is available on the Apple Store, and it can be downloaded from there it will help you and your family in getting updated information and keeping you safe from the pandemic.

Link to the Appstore: Click Here

Center For Disease Control (CDC)

Center For Disease Control And Prevention
Target Location: United States

CDC works all day and night in America to help the citizens from any kind of medical emergency from an acute disease to a chronic one.

From any medical emergency to a severe surgery or even a simple blood test or providing all the information related to Health and related problems, CDC is there for Americans to help them in all ways possible. It is like the medical pillar or sole body to help every American.

Seeing the dangers of Coronavirus, they had started a different operating team and a section related to Coronavirus and its spread. They provide all the information and help in fighting against this pandemic and are helping Americans to save themselves from this deadly virus.

They also have a self-assessment test, just like the Apple COVID 19 Screening Tool. You can find more information on their website here

You can visit their site to keep yourself, and your family protected from the spread of the Corona Virus.

Get Resources For Covid-19 Information From SIRI

Get Covid 19 information from siri
Target Location: Worldwide

The voice assistant of iOS is also convenient in providing information about COVID-19 by simply saying coronavirus news, and Siri will notify you with many reports and valuable information going around the globe. Siri is very helpful for those people who are busy and doing work; they can simply listen to the news and reports while continuing their work.

Siri will provide you all the stats, news, reports, and many other things by just one single voice command. These are the following steps to do so-

To launch Siri, press and hold the Home button until you see the multi-colored bar pop out at the bottom of your screen.

Its very simple just say “hey SIRI”

Than say coronavirus news and updates

You will get all the updates and information from SIRI

Medline Plus

medline plus

Medline Plus is a site and is managed by the U.S. National Library of medicine and by other partner resources also. It is also connected to the CDC.

It is a widely popular site and would help you to get all the verified and trusted information you need about the coronavirus outbreak.

The site can be easily accessed on any mobile-based web browser on a mobile, desktop, or even your tablet.

It will help you and your people in getting all the authentic information related to COVID-19.

You can visit the website by tapping on the link-

StayHome & Trace COVID App

StayHome And Trace Covid DOH app
Target Location: UAE

These apps are launched by the Department of health-Abu Dhabi to know that the people who are requested to remain under self-quarantine are doing so or not.

StaySafe Android:

StayHome App
StayHome App

Trace Covid Android:


Trace Covid iOS:


These apps will help people on both the sides of the coin that is those who are already affected or are in self-quarantine, and those who are still safe means the community, above apps prevents people from both sides to come in contact with and by doing so helps in stopping the spread of disease

United Healthcare Insurance

united healthcare
Target Location: United States

United Healthcare is a health care insurance company of America that runs for-profit, and it helps you in health care.

They are also providing valuable information and resources to fight against the coronavirus outbreak.

They will work with and follow the guidelines and protocols issued by the CDC, as well as state and local public health departments.

The information is precious in hard times like these to remain secured and safe in the comfort of your own homes. Here is the link to the UHC COVID 19 Resources & Help

Blue Cross Blue Shield (BCBS)

blue cross blue shield
Target Location: United States

This insurance and health care company or organization operates from Massachusetts. Blue Cross has taken the following steps to expedite access to care for the duration of the Massachusetts public health emergency:

Diagnostic test, coverageWaiving all out of pocket costs, Removing prior authorizations and referrals, Nurse hotline, Improving medication, access Medicare coverage, etc.

There is also a helpline number that is available 24/7 to help all the members who are connected and even answers to basic questions asked by the BCBS members.

Contact number: 888-247-2583 & BCBS Covid Resources


aetna insurance company
Target Location: United States

This insurance company is solely operated for one purpose that is to provide valuable healthcare opportunities and options to all the members and people who are connected with them.

They are providing all the related information to COVID-19 from the source of CDC. They are also answering to some generally asked questions on their site to remove all the doubts of the users and are also helping in busting the myths and fake news floating internet.

You can read all about Aetna COVID FAQ’s here

International News Organisations & Apps

international news apps

 Another key source for information is news media and apps. There are many forums and channels reporting 24*7. They will help you in getting news of all types related to the COVID infectious disease from the number of cases worldwide to the number of cases in your country, no matter which country you are from, the number of people who die, how to prevent yourself, busting myths and will answer many of your generally asked questions. 

This will help you and all your relatives and people to remain safe and also be updated about the whole world and things going outside.

Local News Organisations And Appslocal news to get covid 19 information

You can also visit many local news organizations sites and web pages that operate near you and in your cities. They will help you in getting informed about all the things happening around you, and you can get yourself and your family safe with that information.

Coronavirus Mapscoronavirus maps

Coronavirus maps- those who are interested in seeing the graphical representation of the outbreak can visit many maps related to COVID-19. They will show you the places or the countries which are infected with COVID-19. They can help you to trace the rate of infection.

One of the best resources is Google itself, just search for “CoronaVirus Map” in Google or Click Here 

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Get COVID 19 Information On Google Search

You can not forget your old friend google here to just open google and type Coronavirus or COVID-19, and the whole world of information is available to your screen from all reports to news videos to links to podcasts to articles and literally everything related to the ongoing pandemic.

google corona virus information

News Podcast

The Podcasts related to news and information provides much valuable information and data related to the pandemic. You can listen to many wide range of podcasts available at the iTunes App, and they will surely help you out to get informed and, at the same time saving your eyes from that bright display of your phone.

‎iTunes Remote
‎iTunes Remote
Developer: Apple
Price: Free

The Daily, 3 Things & Today Explained are some of the top news podcasts available.

Corona Virus Apps Available In INDIA

Talking about our own nation India, well, our country is trying our best to stop the spread of this disease at the community level. But the number of cases is also increasing day by day and so the fear among the citizens.

Our country is under lockdown till May 3, 2020. Fake news and myths are floating on Whatsapp all around, but there are many authentic sources of information as well, if you are from India, please read on.

AarogyaSetu Mobile App

The app is launched by the government of India and is designed both for iOS and Android. You simply need to install it in your device, and it helps you and notify you about the chances you can be infected by the virus.

The app built through public, private partnership “assesses themselves the risk for their catching the Corona Virus infection. 

It will detect people whom you have contacted or crossed roads with, and if anybody of them tests positive or came in contact with any person, it will simply notify you and the government about the chances of you getting infected.

You can download AarogyaSetu App from Playstore and Apple App store both.

AarogyaSetu iOS:

Developer: NIC
Price: Free

AarogyaSetu Android:

Aarogya Setu
Aarogya Setu
  • Aarogya Setu Screenshot
  • Aarogya Setu Screenshot
  • Aarogya Setu Screenshot
  • Aarogya Setu Screenshot
  • Aarogya Setu Screenshot

MyGov Corona Newsdesk Telegram Channel

You can get the latest Corona Virus Information through the Telegram Channel. Indian government joins Telegram to share helpful information concerning Corona Virus.

MyGov Corona Newsdesk Telegram Channel

Join: MyGov Corona Newsdesk

Till now the channel has more than 1.4 million subscribers and is growing every day.

They also share the news regarding what Indian Gov. is doing to combat this pandemic and other necessary information that you as a citizen should be aware of. Go ahead and join the channel.

Covid19India.Org Web-based App

Covid19India website gives detailed information about the Corona Virus spread. The user interface is very easy to use and you do not need to register on the app to get the information.

Covid19India Org Corona Virus Tracker


They sync the latest COVID 19 information in realtime. The information is listed State and City-wise, showing Confirmed, Active, Recovered, and Deceased cases.

Recently they also added color code to their site. Red (Red Zone)indicates the areas with the Corona Virus outbreak, whereas the Orange (Orange Zone) indicates under control regions. The Green (Green Zone) are the ones where the number of cases is very low or zero.

Go Corona Go App

Update: App is not available on the App Store or Play Store, maybe discontinued.

go corona go

Go Corona Go app is an India based app developed by IISC AND IIT. It will keep you away from a person who is infected with COVID-19 and hence keeping you away from the danger of getting infected.

The app is of a lot of help to the government and other health teams to keep track of people who can spread the disease all over the community. The app is operated by the help of GPS technology.


Update: Not available on the Play Store or App Store. Maybe just for patients who are infected.

The student of from the Indian Institute of Technology(IIT) Ropar came together to develop the app.

Sampark O Meter app will help in identifying and notifying those areas on maps that have more coronavirus infection possibility.

It will provide you the probability of the chances of you getting infected by tracking the suspected persons and their locations and connect with your location and you, if any.

Corontine Appcorontine corora tracker

Corontine app is developed by a team of students and alumni at IIT Bombay and is named as Corontine. It help you to protect yourself and your relatives by helping you detect those who are carriers of the disease.

This help will help everyone to stay protected and safe and will also help in stopping the spread of disease.

Covid Locator – Goa Only

covid locator goa
Target Location: GOA (India)

COVID Locator App is developed by the government of GOA. It will help the government in keeping track of all those people who are quarantined and will help the government to stop the spread of the disease from those who are reported as positive.

For Covid Locator Android:

Covid Locator
Covid Locator
Price: Free
  • Covid Locator Screenshot
  • Covid Locator Screenshot
  • Covid Locator Screenshot
  • Covid Locator Screenshot

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Wrapping Up

5/5 - (1 vote)

These Apps & Resources For COVID-19 Information Tracker will surely keep you updated but the need of the hour is that you should also take care of yourself and your family. In hard times like these, social distancing is the only preventive measure to follow.

We should also consider one thing that everything is at a halt. We should try to find something we always dream of a passion, a dream, and give it a chance in this free time. Many of us are getting a ton of time, which we always want to have in our life. So don’t waste this time and utilize it as much as possible and make a better you. 

Do not forget to wash your hands properly and regularly, stay in your homes, follow all the measures possible. Do not go outside if there is not an emergency and get yourself and your family protected and also informed from those above mentioned COVID 19 apps and resources.

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